Psychic Purification

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The Psychic Purification will clear some of the confusing energies and vibrations you sometimes feel. You will also feel more motivated and inspired in your daily life, you will give yourself more naturally the chance to feel positive emotions that many times are masked by negative energy. You will let yourself see the big picture more often and you will learn to live in the present moment.

The Psychic Purification will re-calibrate your mind, body, and spirit and get rid of the negative energies that are currently holding you back, causing these disruptions in your life. It will also help you evoluate to the next level of spirituality and connect with your best version.

The Psychic Purification will take 5 days, during this time I will be able to look deeper inside you and I will take notes regards what I saw, what I managed to heal and what you should change in your life.

The price is quite high due to neccesary time and the materials I need to use every day during the purification: Roses, Saint Water from Vatican, Candles, Gold Leaf.


Please keep in mind only a 3rd Generation Healer like me can perform this kind of deep Purification. A 3rd Generation Healer is a person gifted with this powerful ability and it is only transmitted through generation to generation.

After payment, you will be contacted for details.