Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together? [Twin Flame Relationship Guide]

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together? [Twin Flame Relationship Guide]

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together? There are a lot of people that want to know. Sometimes being in a Twin Flame relationship can be difficult, and there are a lot of people out there who may have doubts. After a while, you may start asking yourself, ‘Are Twin Flames meant to be together?’ Well, I would like you to know that my answer to that is, ‘Yes, they absolutely are!’

However, this can be something that is hard to make happen until both people in the Twin Flame relationship come around to surrendering to the connection they have with the other.

So, Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together? Yes. But don’t expect perfection.

It’s Not Always Sunshine And Rainbows

The reason why a Twin Flame relationship can sometimes come and go, and the reason why your Twin Flame can sometimes come in and out of your life after being apart for long periods of time is because you are failing to align your Spiritual Connection when you have the opportunity to be together.

This can happen when one or both of the Twin Flame’s life’s conditioning and the individual healing processes that go along with that get in the way of the relationship. This can, at times, present itself through negative thoughts, words and actions towards themselves and their divine counterparts.

This kind of situation can happen when there is a lot of hurt in one of the Twin Flame’s past. This can hurt someone and change what they believe to be true from their perspective.

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together?

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together? Why We Argue So Often?

Beneath the surface, what’s really happening here is that one of the Twin Flames own conditioning has started to cause a resistance towards the TF (Twin Flame). So, in this way, the Twin Flames can become repelled by each other to a degree. This will always end up causing a resentment towards their divine connection. This occurs when one person has the inability to see their connection for who they really are.

So, when a Twin Flame is thinking and feeling something, these thoughts and feelings can be energetically felt by the other Twin Flame. This kind of thing can even happen over great distances. These feelings may be felt on a conscious or subconscious level. This, in turn, effects the respective Twin Flame’s feelings and thoughts. So, are Twin Flames meant to be together?


All this means means is that if one of the Twin Flames is happy, then that means that the other may be feeling happy for no apparent reason at all. If you are still wondering, ‘Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together?’, don’t worry. The answer is yes. This phenomenon happens because they are picking up on the vibrational energy that the other flame is emitting. It goes both ways though. So, that means if one Twin Flame is feeling sad, angry, or otherwise upset, then the other will sense it or feel the same as a result without knowing why.

This Effect is Stronger Than You May Realize

In fact, this can be so strongly that if one Twin Flame is thinking and feeling negative thoughts about the other person in the Twin Flame relationship, then the other person will then begin to have negative thoughts about themselves.

Before reaching a re-union after a separation, Twin Flames are designed to trigger each other. This is set up this way so that both of you can heal and grow within yourself. This is, in turn, so you can ultimately become one with your Twin Flame and by extension become a better person. This can make the journey towards a harmonious union a somewhat difficult one. At times, this can cause two lovers to go back and forth or be ‘on and off.’ This is sometimes referred to as the runner and chaser process.

This can happen when one of the Twin Flames feels compelled to run away from the other Twin Flame. Also, it’s important to remember that these roles can swap sometimes.

When both Twin Flames eventually stop resisting the spiritual connection that they have with the other, this will release all of the negative energy that the Twin Flames may have been feeling towards themselves or their significant other.

When the two end up reaching a harmonious re-union, then the relationship is going to take on an entirely different form than any previous relationship that the two have experienced.

This is when each Twin Flame will each experience that love and strong bond that they felt when they first met, but this time it will be much deeper and on a totally different level than it was.

If one or both of the Twin Flames is beginning feel negativity towards the other, then they know that there is additional healing that needs happen before they are able to commit to the entire process of emotional surrender.

Nothing is Perfect

Neither one of the people in a Twin Flame relationship is perfect. So, there will be times when one of you makes a mistake or their are external forces that cause stress within your relationship. But if you just remember that you are meant to be with your Twin Flame, and you can get through anything together.

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together? – Conclusion

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