What is a Soulmate? [1 Simple Trick to Find Your Soulmate]

What is a Soulmate? [1 Simple Trick to Find Your Soulmate]

What is a soulmate? A soulmate is someone who you feel you have a deep or natural attraction to. This could be with love, romance, or even platonic relationships. Soulmates are about intimacy, comfort, spirituality, compatibility and trust.

Sometimes a relationship is not what it seems. Sometimes a relationship takes you all the way to rock bottom before it takes you to great heights. A relationship with a soulmate can do this and more. In this article, we will cover all the properties of a soulmate and what to expect out of that person. Also, we will teach you a shortcut on how to find your soulmate.

We are going to answer all the questions you have such as, ‘Are soulmates real?’, ‘What is a soulmate?’, and ‘How do I find my soulmate?’

What is a Soulmate?

What is a Soulmate, And Are Soulmates Real?

Absolutely! No one out there is asking, ‘Are soulmates real?’ just for curiosity. Of course, there is always a much deeper meaning to the inquiry. Most people assume that once they find their soulmate that will instantly be happy. But a soul mate’s purpose is to shake you up, to show you your obstacles and help you overcome them.

Have you fallen in love with someone who you think might be your soulmate? Are you finding the relationship harder than you expected? Or, have you found your soulmate, but they are married to someone else? Or maybe the relationship just didn’t work out. A true soul mate is the most important person you will ever meet.

This is because they tear down your walls and re-shuffle your priorities. It can be hard and maybe, at times, a little painful, but it’s a whole lot better than living without a soul mate forever. 

If you are finding yourself asking yourself over and over again, ‘What is a soulmate?’, then maybe it’s time to learn a little more about them.

What is a Soulmate? What We Know

Everyone seems to have an opinion on soulmates. Are soulmates real? Are soulmates imaginary? No one can prove whether or not they are or aren’t really, and there is a lot of science that shows that soulmates are real. So, at least for us, we think they are real.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding whether or not soulmates are even possible. In order to believe in soulmates, and to even answer the question of, ‘What is a Soulmate?’, you have to first believe in souls. And the existence of a soul is something science can’t prove or disprove. According to a recent study, over two-thirds of Americans believe in soulmates. Over 200 million people can’t be wrong, folks.

In fact, in women who are in committed relationships, it’s 82 percent. This means that certain people are put in our lives for a particular purpose. That purpose is to guide us in the right direction. That person’s mission in life is to accompany you on your life’s journey.

Paradoxically, sometimes the answer to, ‘What is a Soulmate?’, is, ‘A person who is meant to break your heart so that more light may enter.’ This also means that there is a higher spiritual intelligence in the universe that is above all of it. 

Otherwise, how would soulmates be created at all? So, presumably, there must be a higher power up there controlling and planning this all. If you think the universe is just random and only governed only by the laws of physics, on the other hand, then the entire concept of soulmates makes no sense at all. This is because in a purely random, chance-drive, physical universe, there is simply no one there to do all the work needed to create two souls and bring them together. So, if there is no God then what is a soulmate? 

What is a Soulmate? – A New Way of Thinking

When you you think to yourself, ‘What is a Soulmate?’, I want you to try to avoid thinking of it in a way where you end up vulnerable to feeling betrayed by the universe. When a relationship with someone you thought was your soulmate turns out to be a failure, this feeling can pour over you.

So, think of your ‘soulmate sense’ as as more of a map rather than a GPS. It can guide you in the direction of your soulmate. If you don’t know what to look, you may never find your soulmate and you may always be asking yourself, ‘What is a soulmate?!’, when they are right there in front of you the whole time.

And remember, just because a relationship goes south, that doesn’t mean that person was not your soulmate. It’s also important to remember that while soulmates certainly are not replaceable, if the relationship with your soulmate doesn’t work out, and there is no fixing it, then you will have to move on without them.

If your soulmate is not ready to be with you, you may be able to find your twin flame (if they aren’t the same person). 

So, What is a Soulmate?

The main thing is not to assume there’s just one way to get to your destination. Soulmates, if they exist, are surely not irreplaceable—though it can feel that way when you feel you’ve lost one. Remember, you still have your GPS to help you find another one. 

What is a Soulmate? – Conclusion

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What is a soulmate?

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