10 Incredible Soulmate Signs – [How To Identify Your Soulmate]

10 Incredible Soulmate Signs – [How To Identify Your Soulmate]

Most people grow up thinking they would find their soulmate and live happily ever after. It can sometimes take decades, however, before finding ‘the one.’ The hardest part about looking for your soulmate is knowing what soulmate signs to look for. As a result, the entire notion of a soulmate may begin to feel like an out-of-reach dream.

But if you really look, you just might notice couples that prove without a shadow of a doubt that soulmates are real. So, that means it is truly possible that you can have that dream relationship too. You just have to know what clues to look out for. 

So how are you going to know when you meet the one? If you keep these 10 soulmate signs in mind, then you’ll find the one in no time.

Soulmate Signs - Side view of romantic couple

Soulmate Sign 1: Intense Intuition

One may get a sudden rush of recognition when meeting their soulmate. A good way to describe this feeling is a strong sense of familiarity with someone, even though you have never met them. Often times, this is interpreted as ‘love at first sight.’

So if you meet someone and find that you energized, unusually comfortable, and even intimate with someone, this is one of the most important soulmate signs. there is a high likelihood that it’s a relationship that can last the test of time. You may have found your soulmate.

Soulmate Sign 2. You’re Instant Best Friends

There is, for some reason, a myth that two people in love cannot also be close friends.

The truth is, however, that a strong friendship is the basis of a long-lasting romantic relationship. So, when you meet your soulmate, they will also be your best friend.

It is, of course, very important to maintain friendships outside of your relationship, but this basically means that you two have an understanding between each other that you both genuinely enjoy one another’s company.

This connection will run a lot deeper than it does with acquaintances, meaning you share a sense of humor and support each other in your various endeavors in life.

Soulmate Sign 3: Mutual Respect

Relationships can fall apart quickly when one or both people are constantly trying to change the other. To the contrary, true soulmates will respect each other on the most fundamental levels. Also, this respect is based on the fact that true soulmates really know each other, flaws not excluded.

So, if you notice that you are accepting someone’s quirks and neuroses when usually, it would be something that really bothers you, then you may have found the one. It is important to note that in the case of true soulmates, this acceptance will be directed back at you unconditionally. See? It helps to know soulmate signs, and this one is very important. 

Soulmate Sign 4: You Share a Vision of The Future

Even though its number 4 on the list, this one is one of the most telling soulmate signs that you’ve found the one. Sharing a common view of the future is an indicator of a deep connection and is one of the most reliable predictors of a happy partnership.

Simply put, if you don’t see your soulmate in your vision of the future, they aren’t the one for you.

Remember, if you don’t share key values, then your future with this individual is uncertain. You must want the same things in life for it to work long-term. The cycle of resentment starts somewhere and ends nowhere. It grows and begins to turn the relationship toxic. 

So, when you meet someone who actually sees their life and the world unfolding in the same kinds of ways that you do, then you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Soulmate Sign 5: You Challenge Each Other

The ideal partner for you admire you for all you’ve done, and they will also show you what all you could do. True soulmates bring out the best in each other. Sure, it can seem difficult if someone is always pushing you to do better, but your soulmate will always have your best interest in mind, so if they want you to do something, it will be for the better. It’s heathy to move out of your comfort zone to better yourself.

In the future, both of you will be extremely grateful to one another for all the encouragement and gentle pressure to move forward all those years!

Soulmate Sign 6: The Relationship is Worth Fighting For

No relationship is perfect. Even when soulmates get together, there can be conflict. It’s important to overcome obstacles and bumps in the road together. No matter what the issue may be, a couple that is truly meant to be together will do whatever it takes to keep going. The relationship takes top priority. This is one of the hardest soulmate signs to understand.  

Remember, if this is really your soulmate, then the two of you will always find a way to fight together to make the relationship better rather than fighting with each other. This is because if you are truly soulmates, you will both want the relationship to survive more than you’ll want to make your point.

Soulmate Sign 7: You Prefer Being Together, But It’s OK to Be Apart

Real soulmates are going to be able to find the perfect balance between time spent apart and time spent together. If you are truly with the one, they are going to trust you and still feel close to you when they’re doing other things. Real soulmates won’t be consumed with anxiety or jealousy.

Also, when you’re in a relationship with the one you are meant to be with, you will find that you are most happy and most fulfilled when you are spending quality time with your significant other. If it feels like a chore to spend time together, then you may not be with your soulmate.

Because honestly, what’s better than spending time with someone who is your best friend, lover, biggest fan and teammate?

Soulmate Sign 8: You’re Comfortable Being Yourself

Last, but not least, it’s common to wear ‘different hats’ when it comes to dealing with the many different facets of society. One of the best things about being with your soulmate is that there is no need to put up any kind of front. Instead, you find yourself automatically behaving completely like yourself, totally uncensored. Soulmates really show each other their true selves.

If you find your soulmate, then all you will have to do is be genuine. Doing this will open your relationship to the most profound forms of intimacy. You usually find this out on your very first meeting. That’s often when soulmates realize that this amazing potential is there.

Soulmate Sign 9: You And Your Partner Let The Other Work on Themselves

In order for any relationship to work, you both need to be in the best emotional and mental state possible.

That means that both of you need to do your own soul searching. Its healthy to let go of traumas that happened in the past. Old suffering isn’t going useful in the present. It will only impede your ability to love and trust freely and without holding back.

Because the relationship with your soulmate is meant to be, you will more than likely both share a divine mission to that you need to fulfil together.

So, if you recently met someone and also feel like you have been doing a lot of healing lately, that’s a great soulmate sign. If you feel like you have really changed your life around, that means there is good chance that you are about to meet your soulmate. You may be right on the edge of relationship soulmate success. When each one of your let the other find yourselves and grow on your own, that is one of the strongest soulmate signs. 

Soulmate Sign 10: The Relationship Has Balance

You might have undergone many difficult situations in your life, and the Universe has tested and re-tested you, just like it does with everyone else.

But eventually, you have passed those spiritual tests, learned your lessons, overcame those tough situations, and reached a level of spiritual balance like never before.

You know you have reached a new level of balance when your life seems to have fallen into place – you have the right job for you, your social life and finances are thriving, you have healed your wounds and regained confidence in yourself.

You have a sense of inner peace and faith and in the Universe, knowing that you can get through anything that life may bring.

This inner peace happens to be the perfect mindset to attract your soulmate, therefore, this is exactly what will happen.

10 Soulmate Signs – Conclusion

Do you feel like you are on the cusps of finding your soulmate? After reading the soulmate signs above, now you know what to look for. You don’t have to stay lonely, you can find your soulmate too!

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